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Sage Spray
19.99 USD

Sage spray for protection & cleansing for body, home,or business. Ingredients: Black tourmaline,holy water,sage,pomegranate,alcohol.

Total Relaxation Spray
19.99 USD

Total relaxation spray is a tranquil scent that will relax your senses.Ingredients: Lavender ,spike lavender, holy water,black tourmaline,alcohol.

Anxiety Relief Spray
19.99 USD

Anxiety Relief Spray .Ingredients: Holy water,black tourmaline,sweet orange,tangerine,lemon,bergamot,lavender,chamomile,ylang ylang,& sandalwood.

Love Lift Spray
19.99 USD

Love lift spray.Ingredients: Holy water,black tourmaline,lavender,coriander,geranium, and rose.

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