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                 Equipment Used During Our Investigations And Research

                                                          BOO BUDDY  INTERACTIVE BEAR


BooBuddy's mission is to investigate the paranormal with us promoting positive response and letting us know when the environment changes. BooBuddy asks EVP questions in order to trigger a response. If anything changes (EMF, motion, temperature) BooBuddy will respond appropriately, letting us know that we may not be alone. Set BooBuddy and turn it on to detect environment changes and start asking questions. Make sure to set a recorder or camcorder near the doll to document any potential responses. That, and BooBuddy loves being on camera! Children will love it, but this is definitely not a toy. When it comes to ghost investigations, some theories suggest that using an object familiar and attractive to an entity may entice them to interact.


EVP Wrist Band

                                                                       EDI EMF METER                                                                                                                                                                          The EDI utilizes a highly sensitive Electromagnetic Field Sensor programmed to detect changes in the electromagnetic field around the device. Lights near the sensor illuminate and change intensity to indicate fluctuations and strength of the energy change. A speaker will also alert you to sharp change in EMF which can be switched on/off as you see fit.     The EDI contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time digital display. Lights near the sensor illuminate to alert you to changes in temperature.

                                                                LASER GRID WITH TRIPOD                                                                                                                                              

This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual

disturbances during an investigation.

                                                                      Spirit Box SB7


The B-PSB7 Spirit Box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.


                                              DUAL MODE FULL SPECTRUM CAMCORDER


This Full Spectrum HD camcorder switches to normal light when needed. It even has an built-in IR light. It's like two having two video cameras in one plus a light. This camcorder is perfect for investigations in the dark then switch it to 'normal light' mode for every-day use. This full-featured camcorder takes full 1080p high definition video, high quality photos, zoom and more. With the ability to switch from normal light to night vision, no matter what you're recording, day or night, this camera does it all.

                                                                     Walkie Talkies

During investigation every member always carries a walkie talkie at all times.

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